Hartford Landscape & Supply offers a wide variety of Mulches, Decorative Stone, Pavers, Wall Block, Fire Place Kits as well as other landscaping materials for your project and so much more.

RETAIL: We specialize in ECHO products.

GET IT DELIVIERED: We can deliver what we sell in a wide range of trucks from a small single axel dump truck to larger Quad Axle dump trucks.

KEEP YOUR PROPERTY CLEAR OF ICE AND SNOW: We offer snow plowing, salting and walkway shoveling.

SMALL ENGINE REPAIR: If you need small engine repairs, we can help.

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American Heritage .75

American Heritage 1.5

Blue Basin .75

Blue Basin 1.5

Boulders 8”-12”

Boulders 18”-24”

Brown Granite

Dakota Badlands

Fieldstone 2”-4”

Fieldstone 4”-6”

Fractured Stone #1

Fractured Stone #2

Gray Stone 1.5

Large Boulder

Mississippi River Rock .75

Mississippi River Rock 1.5

Pea Gravel

Purple Passion .75

Purple Passion 1.5

Red Crushed Granite

Red Rock 1

Red Rock 1.5

Washed Stone #1

Washed Stone #2

Brown Mulch

Hemlock Blend Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Red Enviro Mulch

Mason Sand

Torpedo Sand

Aluminum Edging

Paver Edging Restraint

Heavy-Duty Black Plastic Edging

Heavy-Duty Black Plastic Edging

Silt Fence

Marking Paint

Extreme Bond Landscape Adhesive

Bi-Directional Geo-Grid



Grass Seed

Seed Aid

Snap Shot Herbicide

Polymeric Sand

EZ Straw

Straw Bale

Straw Wattle

Inlet Protection Type D